Feature Artist Renée McDonald of Westerly Shoes


Featured Artisan: Renée McDonald of Westerly Shoes

Thirsty Thursday is thrilled to be featuring Renee McDonald of Westerly Handmade Shoes.

Westerly is a small shoe-making practice based in East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded by shoemaker Renée MacDonald in 2012, Westerly got underway as a one-woman operation to meet the need for properly fit, well made shoes. Bespoke and made to measure footwear is what Westerly was built on; each pair crafted to the measurements of their intended wearer.

Westerly’s are made to be worn and loved.

If you didn’t get to see Renee McDonald during Crafted Vancouver, now’s your chance. Stop by June 21st to see the beautiful craftsmanship first hand!

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